Recruitment Influencer Blog 2016 Winner: Neil Morrison

In our UK Recruitment Blog of the Year Awards 2016 the winner of the Influencer Blog, for the in house space, is Neil Morrison with his excellent Change-Effect blog.  Neil is Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation at Penguin Books. He is a board member at The CIPD as well as being an expert speaker and superb writer.  If you enjoy his blog you should also check him out on Twitter.

Main sponsor Peoplise (CEO Cagatay Guney, seen here handing trophy to Neil) said “Neil has contributed to the recruitment and HR space with his blog that goes beyond the flat, informational content- he introduces his insightful views in a fluid, conversational manner. It is a joy to read.


These are three of my favourite blog posts Neil has recently published:

5 interview questions that you’re asking (but probably shouldn’t) – a great spin on an often written about topic.

Inclusion isn’t passive

Expectation versus reality

I’m also currently listening to this episode of Radio 4’s The Bottom Line where Neil talks about relationships in the workplace.

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