Pipeline Mastery and why Recruiters should be Boringly Brilliant

It has been a few weeks since The Recruitment Conference. One of our speakers was Alex Moyle. I wanted to tell you a bit about his talk, and our conversation about his new venture.

Alex’s subject was ‘Pipeline Mastery’. He told us that every recruiter should aim to be ‘Boringly Brilliant’.

Alex gave us a colourful description of a Boringly Brilliant Recruiter who consistently exceeds target every month. No panic, no fuss. He compared this to the more common situation of feast followed by famine – an emotional rollercoaster as opposed to the slightly bored face of the Boringly Brilliant Recruiter. Though I must admit, I doubt that a recruiter who is hitting their target and earning great bonuses will ever feel bored! Perhaps Boringly Happy?

Alex talked about three areas where recruiters need to be super-organised to achieve pipeline mastery and ‘Boring Brilliance’

Firstly, they need to master lead generation and management.  Alex said recruiters are too focused on what they are going to bill this month. Many barely think about upcoming jobs until they have no more open vacancies to work.  To be boringly brilliant, Alex said you need to be collecting and chasing leads week in week out to ensure that you have a flow of great opportunities all the time.

Second, recruiters need to manage their open vacancies more effectively.  The key here is focusing the majority of time and effort on vacancies where there are high levels of client commitment.  As Alex said, “working hard on vacancies where there is low client commitment and high sourcing effort is a sure fire way to fail”.  Having a great flow of leads (stage 1!) can give recruiters the confidence not to waste time on low quality vacancies.

Finally, recruiters need to do a better job of looking after their placements.  How, painful is it when a candidate has accepted a job, but rings the week before to say that they have changed their mind? After all the work of placing a candidate – recruiters need to nurture them all the way from accepting the job through to the end of the rebate period.

Alex believes that recruiters struggle to master their pipelines because they struggle to stay organised.  This affects their ability to prioritise and to chase or follow-up potential opportunities. Even those recruiters who try the hardest to stay on top of things often end up in a spreadsheet hell where they have multiple hard-to-update spreadsheets with lists of leads, vacancies and placements. Working in so much confusion, often with out of date information is hugely time consuming and means it is easy to miss key opportunities.

This problem has inspired Alex’s latest venture, Nurtureit.  Many of you know Alex as a recruitment trainer, but he has been developing something new that he’s very keen to talk about!  He has created Nurtureit to help recruiters become ‘Boringly Brilliant’ through mastering their leads, vacancies and placements.

Alex says “Nurtureit aims to remove the agony of managing lead spreadsheets. It provides a single place to keep track of leads, vacancies and placements. Because it is easy to keep a complete and up-to-date view Nurtureit can also give recruiters and  managers better insights into their sales forecasts.”.

What surprised me most about  Alex’s approach was that the App is free for individual recruiters.  Alex said:

“I have spent the last 10 years training recruiters to be better organised so they can hit their goals. Nurture it is the missing piece – I was trying to train recruiters to be more organised without being able to give them the right tool to make it easy. Of course, it’s also a business venture. I want Nurtureit.io to be the number one tool recruiters rely on to organise their pipeline. Making Nurtureit.io free for individual recruiters will hopefully help us to achieve that”.

Of course Alex also needs to pay the bills, so Nurture it charges when managers want to create teams. As Alex put it “We give managers a super easy way to view their whole team’s pipeline. This makes Nurtureit a fantastic coaching tool and really helps managers to make sure the whole team is on track. Nuretureit is a new venture and I’m really excited about it. I’m hoping that managers and companies, as well as individual recruiters, will use Nuretureit to become Boringly Brilliant.”

So, if your new year’s resolution is to be more organised – or even ‘Boringly Brilliant’, then you might want to  check out Nurtureit.io.  If you do give it a go, let me know what you think!

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