eBoss Online Recruitment Software

Software that grows with your business

eBoss tables a fresh proposition for startups: a software client that is more than a cloud-based CRM. A solution that is both a complete working environment, and a support structure for growing businesses.

eBoss delivers the best in CRM, integrated communications, security, and personal support expertise – as standard. But we also provide room for you to develop your operations in whichever direction you choose. Our software gives you an adaptable environment which you can shape to match your own objectives: whether your immediate goals are specialisation, expansion, or diversification.

The eBoss software suite is a fully scalable, high-power/low-demand system for recruitment enterprises that are looking for extra agility in their processes. Your clients understand the need for a reliable talent pipeline. eBoss is your technology pipeline. Choose the individual tools that are right for your business, and access sophisticated features that are normally only within the budgets of the industry giants.

Key Features:

  • Sophisticated CRM solutions
  • Smart candidate tracking and semantic search Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Next Generation Business Analytics: establish long-term objectives and short-term KPIs based on real world data
  • Privacy By Design: data security is the priority when developing every eBoss feature.


eBoss for agile recruitment:

  • The affordable technology pipeline: choose the features right for your business.
  • Work anywhere: cloud-based and optimised for mobile access
  • Smooth integration with existing web presence and systems
  • No on-site installation required
  • Rapid data migration to our new cloud servers
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • 14-day free test drive of every feature


eBoss Online Recruitment Software

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