We know you’re going to love eBoss and at a glance, here are some things that make the tasks of recruiting so much easier:

“Great database, great support team and good value, thank you”
Liz R – Director, Brighton

“Super efficient service. Love their ‘can do’ attitude. Will always recommend you guys”
Deborah S – Recruitment Specialist, Portsmouth

  • Choose from affordable & flexible pricing plans
  • Deploy your system in 30 seconds
  • Seamlessly import candidates and data from your old system
  • Boost your candidate database with
  • Build shortlists of ideal candidates in minutes
  • Send branded, updated CVs to clients seamlessly
  • Communicate effectively across the whole team
  • Stay ahead of the curve with regular new feature releases
  • Get the best support on the planet


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Work with eBoss and experience cutting edge data management, semantic search, CRM solutions, and advanced ATS functionality. Enjoy our wide array of cleverly integrated solutions and partnerships with leading service providers in multiple industries.


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Saas (Software as a Service)

eBoss is a cloud based Recruitment SaaS system which means there are little no infrastructure costs for your agency to find up front.

You immediately enjoy the use of your database from any computer or device anywhere, anytime. Work where you want, when you want.

eBoss takes care of all infrastructure upgrades, server maintenance, patches and server availability so you never have to worry about outdated equipment or major disruptions to your business.

As your business grows, eBoss can infinitely scale to meet your needs so there is never a danger of outgrowing the system.

Being Saas, you will never be hit with shock equipment failure costs such as a server replacement and there are no worries related to data security as all the information is automatically back up for you.

eBoss is hosted on world class disaster proof infrastructure in distributed data centres so the maximum data security and service uptime is guaranteed.

Move up to the cloud – the view is amazing !


Being able to find and match candidates to jobs is the core of any recruitment agency. So the ability to enter search terms and find candidates that match your skills or role requirements is a key part of any system.

Get an incredible amount of your precious time back with Semantic Search. This intelligent algorithm is the next level in search technology. It associates semantically related search terms and returns you all the variants up front.

So one search will uncover some hidden gems in your candidate database that almost certainly would have been missed.

The semantic search tool uses complex algorithms to understand the meaning
behind your search terms.

Searching for terms like ‘Sales Manager’ using string or boolean searches in the old days would only return you a narrow selection of candidates with the exact word in their job title.

If you wanted to widen out the search to variants, like “Sales Team Leader’ or “General Manager Sales” then you would need to spend a fair bit of time repeating the searches over and over.

Semantic search will find related terms and bring back a wider selection of appropriate candidates, like for instance “Sales Team Leader” or “Manager Sales Department” up front.

Not only does this find you more candidates on the first pass, it also saves you having to manually type in all the role variations relating to the vacancy.

Semantic Search is cutting edge database search technology and will almost certainly give you an unfair advantage.



Efficient companies generate more revenue. As your business grows you will want to be sure you can efficiently manage the increase in vacancies while avoiding raising the number of resources required at the same time.

Vacancy management will help significantly in this area and ensure your business remains efficient as you grow. Do more with less.

Vacancy management within eBoss includes subscription software from job board aggregators ensuring your jobs can be effortlessly posted with a variety of job boards.

Job Board Integration

To get even more coverage for your Vacancies, eBoss has partnered with some of the biggest and most widely available online job posting and job advertising platforms.

Idibu, Jobmate, Broadbean & LogicMelon integration is built right into your eBoss recruitment software solution, giving you a very efficient force multiplier when it comes to finding the best candidate for your client’s vacancy.

The choice of which advertising platform to distribute through is entirely yours. You can customize your distribution channels on a per-job basis, choosing the most appropriate posting and distribution medium for the job at hand. eBoss Job Board Integration works with a subscription to any of the above mentioned job boards.

Social Media Integration

eBoss is set up to promote your jobs in a variety of ways for example using the API you can display your jobs on your website, using the job board distribution networks ie. Idibu, Jobmate etc, you can deploy your jobs to hundreds of job boards.

If you do not have a candidate facing website, eBoss can provide you with a website with your business branding that displays your vacancies in real time.

eBoss also has some social media tools for jobs, built in. When you post a job inside your eBoss database you can click the ‘tweet’ option for example and that job will be tweeted with a friendly url link to allow interested applicants the ability to view and apply for that position.



All the features you would expect in a mature applicant tracking system ATS after 15 years of constant enhancements and development.

Get the candidate information you need to know instantly from the screen you are viewing without the need to screen hop. Looking at a list of candidates, easily view CV records with one click.

Eliminate presenting the same candidate twice or presenting them to their existing employer by knowing exactly what is happening and what has happened in the past with individual candidates with one click activity tracking across all consultants. Easily keep everyone in the loop.

Track all the activity related to candidates. See the progress and history of applications from you or other team members.

Add to that one touch contact and agency wide centralised calendar reminders and you have a powerful way to know exactly what is happening across the entire hiring cycle.

Know exactly what jobs are in play across your agency with the eBoss ATS.

Centralised communications and tracking let you see what is happening as you flow your candidates through the application process every step of the way.

Saved Searches

Tired of repeating the same searches over and over ? Got better things to do ? Then ‘Saved Searches’ will give you back a significant amount of time. If you focus on a particular niche like I.T. and have a constant demand for say a “C++ Programmer” – then saving your “C++ Programmer” search, you always have a dynamic list of candidates that meet the brief.

What about the time it takes to add new candidates to the list ?

eBoss has that covered for you. If a new candidate is uploaded and they have C++ programmer in their CV, then they are dynamically added to the search and you get an email alert. So in effect the the candidates are coming to you no matter how they are added to your database.


From application to placement and beyond, your candidates are in your workflow.

Stay organised with this essential tool of the eBoss Applicant Tracking System.

The benefits of using this tool enable you to create your very own bespoke workflows for both candidates and clients.

Each workflow is incredibly easy to set up and each workflow activity is recorded for reporting purposes, thus allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts for each stage of your workflow.

In other words you will know, at a glance, exactly where your candidate or potential client is in your business which helps you make appropriate decisions.



eBoss Recruitment Software is a comprehensive tool for success-oriented recruiters.

We are fully aware that as well as eBoss there are complementary tools that can be utilised for your business and that is why eBoss offers simple and easy Integration of the features important to you.

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Email work in harmony with your eBoss Recruitment Software. See your emails and appointments wherever you are and whatever the device you are using. Avoid duplication as eBoss synchronisation services will ensure your emails and appointments are transferred both from your database to your email and from email to your database.

With eBoss it’s simple – we created this integration to ensure that all of the emails you send and receive related to records in your eBoss database will be synschronised both ways, the same for calendar appointments.

This seamless integration removes duplication of tasks and hence you will never need to copy and paste those important emails into candidate or contact notes ever again.


Save money and help your system work seamlessly with eBoss API (Application Programming Interface) integration.

The benefits to your day to day business are enormous and most businesses benefit from them without realising they are being used.

eBoss has built an API and this makes integration between other software and your website with eBoss easy and seamlessly.

Think of an API as a handshake between two different interfaces. The handshake bonds them together.

It translates for less hours spent by your IT team on development processes, and also it allows you to avoid costs of additional software and/or hardware to make them work together.



Contact relationship management is built right into your eBoss Recruitment Software from the ground up. It’s a full-featured Recruitment CRM that will allow you to get maximum reach and exposure to your existing customer base, increasing the quality and volume of service you can supply to your customers. Fully featured and boasting multiple tools that major CRM solution providers charge for, at eBoss we have built this in as an integral part of your system.

It is not a bolt-on. It is not a modular option. It is not something we use to ‘upsell’ or maximise our profits. It is a core feature of what we believe is one of the most seamlessly integrated solutions on the planet for recruiters.

Using eBoss Recruitment Software you can use many channels to communicate with Clients and Candidates and the great advantage is that everything is recorded in one place. Easy to access and easy to edit or add to. Everything is date and time stamped to ensure accuracy and integrity in your practice.

Ways of Communication

While you could painstakingly trawl through your phone for emails, tweets, sms and voicemails, it would take time and a lot of effort. Wouldn’t it be easier to keep every communication in one easy to access place with everything arranged in order by date and method?

Below are some of the channels available for communication inside your eBoss Recruitment Software:

Email – The most common communication channel. All email messages sent from eBoss are elegantly stored in your contacts record on your eBoss database so you can check all conversations from any time. When integrated with the Microsoft Exchange service all responses from your contacts are also stored in the relevant records on your eBoss database via seamless two way synchronisation.

VOIP – Reduce costs and increase the quality of customer service by using VOIP in eBoss. Now you can call in one click and record conversation notes automatically. All records are stored in one place to give you easy access to important information. It offers the benefit of freeing up your time to focus on the important stuff without the distractions of tedious duplication of tasks.

SMS – Send and receive SMS messages directly in your eBoss Recruitment Database. Be up to date with your own projects and/or with projects of colleagues from your team. Communicate with candidates to give them an exceptional experience of working with your brand and build up your reputation by using this technology to communicate with your clients.

A brilliant Recruitment CRM with great communication channels built in. eBoss has the tools to let you communicate effectively and record the details.

Whether it’s SMS, VOIP or email, eBoss records all transactions and keeps them organised in searchable records so that your entire organisation can see a full communications history.

This is incredibly useful not only for transparent day to day operations, but also it enables you to react professionally in the event of unexpected staff turnover or illness.



Create searchable database records in an instant. Eliminate tedious data entry and skilling up of your candidates. Quickly present to your client the most suitable candidates for their position.

The eBoss CV Parser is a tool which will read and extract candidates personal, educational and employment details directly to your eBoss database. The CV Parser will also extract competencies and skills and these are added to the candidate record automatically, thus making searching a breeze.

Once the data is extracted the foundations are laid in your database for more powerful search queries ranging from simple Database Searches through to powerful Semantic Search and Social Media Searches.

You may already know that star recruiters set billing or placement goals, do the work, make the calls – it’s a people business after all. So the less time you need to spend bogged down in paperwork or data entry, the more time you’ll have to get out there expanding your candidate and client network and growing your business.

Getting forced into lengthy data entry tasks, when all you want to do is attach the candidate to a job and press ‘send’ can be annoying and time consuming. Only the bare essentials are required within eBoss across all modules to get the job done.

The process can be fast & efficient.

What’s more, with eBoss you can customise the client, candidate and job data as much as you require as well as create a custom workflow.

Professional organisations rely on procedures to ensure consistent results. Use custom checklists to onboard your candidates and new clients. Cover all your bases up front so you can move quickly to finalise placements and move on to the next opportunity.

Get even more time back and present a consistent brand experience using streamlined one click email templates. Select pre-written email templates for any repetitive communication at any stage of your placement process. Turn several minutes into several seconds over and over again.

Streamline shortlists or talent pools and you have the ability to quickly locate subsets of candidates with particular skill sets. Then select and contact them all simultaneously with a one click email. Use preset templates and you can get an awful lot done in very little time and have new consultants up and running in record time.



Accurate business analysis is vital. But recruitment managers can be faced with the daunting task of finding meaning in data sets which come from many different sources. If your analytics are too rigid, the findings in your reports will reflect this. Outcomes may become distorted by flawed measurements, or build an incomplete picture of your true activities.

With eBoss you can know exactly what is happening within your business in real time with customisable KPI tracking. See who your best consultants are, who’s is submitting the most CV’s, who is bringing in the most clients, sending the most emails.

Know for sure who is doing the work, who is killing it and who is struggling, without having to rely on assumptions or gut feel.

The eBoss Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting feature is a simple and fast way to check how your consultants are performing. You can set individual key performance indicators and benchmark and discover quickly if your consultants are performing to your set targets.

In addition to indiviaul performance, the eBoss Business Pulse reporting feature provides you with an organisation wide snapshot of your key areas of activity. See your own custom workflow and the health of your business in concise, graphical representations. Say goodbye to greyscale spreadsheets where indistinct columns and data-points blur together.


The number one best feature of eBoss isn’t found on the screens or in the database. It’s our customer support ! Support is number one, two and three on our list of priorities.

eBoss was born out of a recruitment agency over 15 years ago and just as you understand that recruiting is a business built on strong relationships, we understand that you expect the same personal one to one attention to keep your systems and staff operating at peak performance.

Our support staff are local and our responsive and talented development team are always ready to hear your suggestions for enhancements and new features that will make eBoss work better for you and your business.

We like to think our team are faster, more responsive and provide a human point of contact that you can actually pick up the phone and talk to. If you have a query for our support team, eBoss+ promises to respond to your communication within 2 minutes, to confirm that your request has been received.

3 Easy Ways To Contact eBoss

  1. Call the eBoss+ UK support line on +44 20 7183 0675 or AU support line on +61 08 9301 5000
  2. Use Live Chat on our website
  3. Email support@ebossrecruitment.com


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Our mission is really simple. We want to support your business in every aspect of your operations. We provide the software platform that helps your business grow, take on new challenges and opportunities, and maximise its revenues.

eBoss recruitment software helps you to forge new partnerships and impress long-standing clients. You now have the opportunity to implement state-of-the-art solutions, supported by a dedicated team of experts.

In the recruitment industry, there is no standing still. eBoss Recruitment Software recognises that. We introduce new and innovative features on a regular basis. We constantly strive to improve our value offering to you, our clients. A partnership with eBoss should always mean having the competitive edge over the rest of the field.

You may ask: “How do we do it?”

The answer is that we never lose that hunger to innovate. One recent example is our customised integration of Amazon Web Services’ QuickSight business analytics tool. The bespoke features of eBoss – together with the raw power of AWS – keeps our clients ahead of the curve.

Recruiters know the value of a reliable talent pipeline. You can think of eBoss as your technology pipeline. Our existing partnerships give us – and you – access to the latest innovations on the cutting edge of technology. Did you think that automation, artificial intelligence, and Big Data analytics were beyond your price range? Think again: with eBoss, everything is possible.

So, what’s the next step? You can get started right away with a free, no-obligations Test Drive of eBoss core services. If you prefer, you can request a Personal Demonstration at your convenience.

Wherever you have set your sights, we look forward to working with you.”


thank you for reading 🙂