UK Recruiter run learning, showcase and networking events. They are held in central London and are for specific audiences within the UK Recruitment market.  All events are reasonably priced due to the generous support of our sponsors.  When ticket bookings open you can access each sign up form from this page.  We also run a channel of Live Chat Shows (episodes from 2017 here) and if you want to see what other events are going on the in the UK we have a listing of UK Recruitment (and HR) events

Recruitment Directors’ Roundtable

Tickets available here

Tuesday 12th February, Thursday 14th March, Wednesday 12th June, Tuesday 23rd July, Tuesday 24th September and Wednesday 4th December 2019

As the name suggests this is event is purely for Directors of recruitment firms. These events take place in an afternoon and include speaker presentations, round table discussions and networking time. The seniority of the audience and keynote updates mean these events are the ideal place to keep up to date with the latest strategic thinking, hear first hand how your peers are tackling the same challenges you face, allowing for bench marking and networking in both formal and information environments.  These events are run in conjunction with The Recruitment Network and are free to attend.  Unless otherwise specified events run from 2pm to 5.30pm

Inspire Recruitment

Tickets will be available to purchase from early January.

Our first event of 2019 is on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th February at the Recruitment Agency Expo (1.30pm and 10.30am sessions)

Thursday 14th March – London, Wednesday 12th June – London, Thursday 24th September – London, mid November at The Recruitment Conference – London, Wednesday 4th December – London

A fast paced and fun twilight session typically running from 5.30pm to 8pm.  In 2018 we ran two of these in central London, in 2019 we expand our territory.  Our line-up includes a dozen five minute presentations – all with the aim of inspiring agency and in-house recruiters, as well as HR professionals.  Networking time before, during and after the event.  You don’t have to be a “recruiter” to attend but all sessions will share a focus on recruiting and/or HR.  Read more about the Inspire Recruitment events here.

Rec Tech Showdown

An ongoing series of live chat shows with technology providers.  You can view all eleven shows from season one here.  During each show, lasting around 30 minutes, you’ll get to understand the offering from each provider, ask your own questions and get their insights and take on the recruitment market.   Season two ran from September to November 2018.

Recruitment Agency Innovation, Technology & Social Media Showcase Event

Wednesday June 19th 2019 

This event is for recruitment Decision Makers. We will showcase for you innovative products and services from a range of organisations. Mixed in to these you’ll have the opportunity to take part in speed pitching sessions from suppliers. You’ll have the time to network with other attendees and talk with all the suppliers, in an informal environment. You can create a final shortlist of providers in only a few hours and save time not having to scour the internet to research what’s available; not having to call software companies to ask them to SELL to you! Taking time out to organise and sit through even five product demonstrations would normally take at least EIGHT hours. You can be sure you are seeing what’s available from the best recruitment software providers in an afternoon. You can view some photos from a recent event on our Facebook Page.

  UK Recruiter – The Recruitment Conference

November 2019

During the course of the day we will bring together the UK’s leading recruitment experts to cover a multitude of topics relevant to our sector; technology, client development, candidate engagement and experience, agency/in-house relationships, social media and sales/driving results. As with previous events most sessions will be a mixture of speaker lead learning and group led debate and discussion. Whilst some sessions will be more focused on in-house and some more for agencies the audience will be made up of anyone from within the recruitment space.

If you wish to sponsor or attend any of the events please contact Louise at UK Recruiter.

Feedback from previous event attendees:

  • A winning combination, well organised and highly informative with great opportunities for networking with like minded people.
  • Thank you Lou found the whole afternoon very interesting!
  • Very good, well run and attended
  • Excellent value really!
  • Enjoyable event, well organised and well worth attending
  • An excellent day!