Typically these are fast paced and fun twilight sessions from from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.  In 2018 we ran two of these in central London, in 2019 we’re expanding our territory.

Dates for 2019

Our first 2019 event is 5th and 6th February in London at The Recruitment Agency Expo (details here soon).  To attend this event you need to register for the Agency Expo and rock up in the relevant room at 1.30pm on day one and 10.30am on day two.

Thursday 14th March – London
Wednesday 12th June – London
Thursday 24th September – London
mid November at The Recruitment Conference – London
Wednesday 4th December – London (to be finalised)
Manchester – to be confirmed
Bristol – to be confirmed
Birmingham – to be confirmed
Glasgow – to be confirmed

If you want to speak at a future event please complete our simple email application.

Our line-up includes a dozen five minute presentations – all with the aim of inspiring agency and in-house recruiters, as well as HR professionals.  Networking time before, during and after the event.  You don’t have to be a “recruiter” to attend but all sessions will share a focus on recruiting and/or HR.

The Inspire Recruitment values are that events will be:

– Practical – sharing ideas that everyone can apply.
– A forum for new voices – giving everyone a chance to share their ideas
– Inclusive – sharing  views from across the industry.
– Community – be a hub that brings together everyone connected with the recruitment industry to share ideas and collaborate
– Fun!

We will measure this by
– 50% of speakers are not known on the “speaker circuit”
– Gender Balanced & Diverse that reflects our industry as a whole
– 50% of speakers practising recruiters or talent managers
– Support charities that enable employability

If you want to speak at a future event please complete our email application.

Presentations from September 2018

There are 11 in total to watch