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A few week’s ago I wrote a blog entry about Zubka.  Zubka works by getting people to refer their friends, ex-colleagues and contacts for jobs which they think they will be great at.  Referrers get paid a fee on successful placement. They sent over some updated stats today:

  • 2,300 Referrers, from 63 different countries. However, most of them are based in the UK followed by the US.
  • 167 hirers account, from 15 countries. Most of them based in the UK, followed by the US and NZ.
  • 85 jobs posting
  • Referrers sent 371 requests to potential candidates. Out of it, 94% were accepted by candidates to be put forward.
  • One placement made – that took place after a week.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to mention a couple of other players in the market.

JobTonic.com works as a standard job board where job seekers can apply for jobs themselves but are also encouraged refer suitable jobs to their friends and colleagues.  The site is focused on corporate employers but can be used by recruitment consultancies who brand the vacancies with their client’s name.  The company pays to post the vacancy (various structures are in place but it’s up to £200 per vacancy) but can also offer a reward as a reward to anyone who successfully refers the job to their friends & colleagues. The fee can be any amount.  When I looked at the site the biggest was £1250.

It is straightforward to refer someone and get a fee. However, Jobtonic.com has a “rating system” in place that increases the reward to the referrer based on the accuracy of their past performance. The idea is that this will reduce the number of irrelevant CV’s that employers receive and will encourage the “referral community” to work harder to identify high quality candidates to put forward.  The fee that the referrer gets is between 75% and 100% of the offered reward.   At present £92,250 worth of rewards are available via the site.

What I like about this site is that corporates can use it as a traditional job board if they prefer and for jobseekers seeing a vacancy that match the skills of a friend/colleague (and getting paid to refer that friend/colleague) is a bonus.

JobNeters is more like the Zubka site in that it’s a job board where you pay a reward upon hiring. The twist on this is that

JobNeters filters the applications from job seekers by using referrers who lend weight and credibility to the applications.  Referrers are encouraged to share their reward with charities. If a referrer gives the entire reward to a charity, JobNeters will add 10% to be given to the same charity.

Corporates or agencies set their own reward for the referrer.  The fee paid to JobNeters is 30% of this reward (so if the reward is £300, the total cost will be £390). Agencies and corporates do not pay to post the vacancy on the site.

Like Zubka the main goal of JobNeters is to build a community of referrers who will share their own network of peers to find “talents” for recruiters.

Right now in order to offer job seeker the greatest chance to access job adverts they are “aggregating” jobs from a wide range of existing websites in the UK,  As awareness of the site grows the plan is to replace the aggregated jobs with the referral jobs as their number increases.

Chris Toudic at JobNeters shared these recent stats with me:

  • aggregated jobs 100 000 job ads on a 10 day-basis
  • referral jobs 21
  • referrers 1286
  • current customers 20 from both companies and Recruitment Agencies
  • number of visitors on the website average per day: 350

I’ll be keeping an eye on these sites to see how the referral market in the UK pans out.

Image: www.freeimages.co.uk

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