LinkedIn Search Limit Workaround For Recruiters

Recruiters who don’t have a paid premium account are bound to already be cursing the new LinkedIn Search limits.  I was a mere 7 days into the month when I hit mine!


However, you can workaround this by using techniques as old as the internet; x-ray and boolean searching.  Here are a few avenues to investigate.

In Andy Headworth’s Three New Changes To LinkedIn and Facebook That Will Now Effect Recruiters blog he recommends you check out Google X-raying LinkedIn by Vince Szymczak.  I’m not sure you’ll find a more detailed and indepth article on the subject.

A second option is to use Irina Shamaeva’s custom search engine to x-ray LinkedIn:

Option three (the one I’m using) is to meld the Social Talent Boolean Builder with Glen Cathey, of Boolean Black Belts “core” X-Ray syntax of: (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -intitle:directory.  You use the boolean builder to create the search string you need and pop it into Google prefixed with Glen’s x-ray syntax (the bit I’ve put in italics).

Of course you could investigate the LinkedIn Premium Account (this is the Recruiter Lite version) and the additional benefits that has for recruiters.



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