How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business – Notes from the #RecHangout

I think this truly is our best monthly #RecHangout so far.  We talked about How to seduce candidates and disrupt your recruitment business with Greg Savage and Roy Ripper (aka GRIPPER)

Greg Savage  has 35 years experience owning, managing and growing staffing businesses across the world, including such names as Recruitment Solutions, Firebrand Talent Search, Eloquent Staffing and People2People. Greg is well known for his writing, speaking and no-nonsense insights and advice on his website The Savage Truth.  Roy Ripper is a well known recruitment training expert, Roy, has set up an excutive search firm with James Caan, trained with Tony Byrne, worked alongside Ann Swain at Learning Curve and now works in his training and consultancy business, Ripper Recruiter Training.

We had our usual fabulous hosts in Alan Whitford – Abtech Partnership and Louis Welcomme – Colleague Software (with Mark Stephens – Smart Recruit Online sneaking a peak when he could from an expo he was at!).  The twitter stream and hangout back channel was alive with comments and questions and I’m going to try and answer some of them in this blog.

You can watch the hangout here:


We talked about so much that I really don’t know where to start.  So, here are some blogs that I think help encapsulate the topics/learning (they aren’t in the same order as discussed on the hangout so bear with me!):

Use LinkedIn to build your brand rather than trying to source talent there: How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile For Recruitment and Talent Attraction #infographic

We also broadly discussed using social media smarter and these are great blogs on the topic 5 ways to use social media to boost your employer brand this podcast from Greg: How to grow your brand using Social Media, how to use twitter for social recruiting and Using Blogs as a Strategic Recruiting Tool

Using social media based KPI’s – and and from Greg: Chuck out your crappy recruiter KPIs

Build a talent pipeline – don’t just find the same people all your competitors are. Check out this  7 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Your Talent Pipeline and Building Talent Pipelines and Just-In-Time Recruiting

Don’t confuse sourcing with recruiting (a common problem)

Fish where the fishes are.  I love this one and wrote about it myself .  You can also watch this video from Andy Headworth: Recruit Where Your Candidates Are Active In 2016

Simply pick up the phone – I thought I’d written this blog post but turns out it was Stephen O’Donnell: Pick up the Fucking Phone. Check out Hey stupid! Pick up the phone from Greg too.

As a final point Greg and Roy have shared their takeaway tips:

Greg: Always evaluate what you are doing for it’s effectiveness. Think carefully about what clients will pay you for and where your value is. Think about digital marketing and how it impacts your business; advertising is “dead” for recruitment it’s now about content marketing and building brand. Invest in your social footprint!

Roy: You must be willing to…
1. Find out WHO you serve
2. Work out HOW you can best serve them
3. Deliver VALUE to them in advance in the form of content!
and BTW the two big metrics you’ll want to keep an eye on are: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and delayed ROI.
His advice is keep an eye out for software and strategies that can help you think smarter about what your clients and candidates are worth to your recruitment desk/business. And let ‘lifetime value’ be your guiding light.

Our next hangout will be in March and details will be here soon.

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