Using recruitment and talent analytics to transform performance – Notes from the #RecHangout

I have to admit I looked at the title of this one and thought “hmm data…”.  However, this was a really great #RecHangout during which our guests delved into using recruitment and talent analytics to transform performance in a lot of depth.

We had our usual fabulous hosts in Alan Whitford – Abtech Partnership and Louis Welcomme – Colleague Software with Mark Stephens – Smart Recruit Online asking lots of great questions too.  Our guests were Anthony Scarpino, Senior Director Talent Acquisition at Sodexo (USA), and Ian Bailie, Global Head, Talent Acquisition and People Planning at Cisco Systems, and David Green, Global Director, People Analytics at IBM. During the hour we discussed.

– What should recruiters and HR be measuring (and how should they be doing this)
– Why talent analytics matter
– How metrics can be interpreted and used to review and improve performance
– How to make better decisions using data
– How technology can help

You can watch the hangout here:

Here are some blog post which I think nicely back up and continue on from some of the points discussed:

6 Big Data Metrics That Drive Quality of Hire (although it was said more than once that you should pick recruitment data to measure that both works for and is important for your company)

A 7-Step Plan for Measuring and Improving Quality of Hire – this follows on from the above article and is also written by Lou Adler where he suggests rather than assessing the quality of person, you should assess the quality of person’s accomplishments.

For Metrics, Less is Often More and Manage What Matters, Not What’s Measurable

A Standard Set Of Recruiting Metrics – with interesting follow up comments too

How Analytics Can Highlight Recruiting as a Strategic Function and Here’s Why Talent Analytics Must Be A Part Of Your Talent Strategy

The Absurdity of Cost per Hire in Recruiting – great blog post from David Green who was one of our guests

People Analytics goes into orbit – 10 takeaways from #PAFOW 16 – another great article from David

People Analytics: An Opportunity AND a Responsibility for HR

Recruitment Performance: Measure and ImproveStop wasting time and money on recruitment immediately and 7 steps to improving your hiring metrics – all from Mark Stephens

Developing Advanced Talent Analytics: Why It Matters to CFOs

Measuring Quality of Hire – The Ultimate Recruiting Metric (this is a weighty 28 page PDF!)

Registrants for this #RecHangout received a promotional code for £200 discount for People Analytics 2016 #PA16LON which takes place on 27-28th April at the QEII Centre, London.

People Analytics 2016

Our next hangout will be in April and details will be here soon.

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