Goodbye Spreadsheets, Hello Talent

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive for employers. As talented candidates grow scarce more companies are realising that post and pray recruiting simply isn’t going to deliver the kinds of applicants they need. Rather than wait for candidates to come to them recruiting professionals have to go on the hunt and proactively fill their talent pipelines. This approach, often referred to as sourcing, has gained a lot of traction. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many tools built to support it.

The lack of available tools means that recruiters and sourcers often find themselves using spreadsheets to organise the candidates they’ve found. With profiles coming from a wide range of sources it is simply not possible to rely on just one network like LinkedIn to hold all your information. While spreadsheets do technically allow you to store and note candidate information, they’re not actually built for recruiting. More often than not the end result of using spreadsheets is disorganization and loss of information. This is bad for recruiters and its bad for their clients.

I’ve recently come across a tool called Hello Talent that could potentially solve a lot of the problems recruiters are facing on this front. Rather than store everything in spreadsheets you can use this free tool (with optional premium features) to add candidates you find anywhere online directly to talent pools. These pools allow you to not only effectively organise and store candidate data, but to share it with others as well. By involving team members and internal or external customers directly in your talent pipeline you are able to make the process much more transparent and effective.

So how does it work?

The two key components are Hello Talent’s Chrome Extension and talent pools. The Chrome extension allows you to add profiles from any website you find them on (a bookmark tool is available for other browsers) and each profile can be stored in a talent pool. These pools can be used for specific vacancies, clients, skillsets, or anything else you need. You’ll never have to use a spreadsheet again.

Within each talent pool you not only have a list of all your candidates, but overviews of each candidate’s profile as well. These profiles can contain summaries and notes, tags, ratings, CVs, and social media profiles. One of Hello Talent’s premium features called Social Finder will even use a candidate’s email address to automatically find his/her social media profiles and websites. This is a great way to gain greater insights into who someone is and how they could fit in on your team. Hello Talent also offers the ability to send emails to candidates directly from the application, thereby storing the conversation under their profile.


Recruiters who want to use Hello Talent by themselves are welcome to do so, but collaboration is one of the areas where the tool really shines. Each pool can be shared with others and each profile can be assigned to a specific team member. This makes it easy for you to not only get people involved, but to create a clearer sense of responsibility and ownership.

User Friendly

Most recruiting tools out there are as complicated as they are clunky. Hello Talent on the other hand has a very simple interface that should be easy for most people to understand and adopt.

Areas for Improvement

While the interface is relatively intuitive the onboarding process for new users isn’t quite as smooth as it could be and doesn’t always highlight how to best use the tool. I’d like to see this be improved for the future, particularly for when I’m sharing it with people who don’t use a lot of recruitment tech. Another thing I’d like to see more of is automation within the application. While it’s great that I can collect so much information about candidates, most of it is added manually by me. I’d love it if the tool did more of that on its own. Fortunately, it appears that Hello Talent is already starting down this road with things like its Social Finder feature.

Overall Thoughts

Hello Talent seems to be an incredibly useful tool for recruiters. The Chrome extension, talent pools, candidate organisation, and collaborative features make it one of the ideal ways to build and manage a talent pipeline. Like any other tool it is certainly not perfect, but it is definitely something anyone who is serious about recruiting should consider using.

You can create your free account here. For those who are interested in upgrading to premium features, Hello Talent costs £49 per month and provides you with unlimited talent pools as well as the Social Finder and emailing features I’ve mentioned previously.


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