#RecruiterZone: Finding The Recruitment Opp when 80% of Jobs Disappear

We kicked off our LiveChat RecruiterZone series today using some new tech over on Facebook Live.  We also have our first sponsor of the series with Firefish Software.  Firefish is a sales and marketing recruiting platform which helps recruiters reach, engage and place more candidates.  We were lucky enough to have their MD Wendy McDougall on the show along with CIPD’s Head of Engagement David D’Souza and Alex Moyle who trains recruitment leaders & consultants on sales, marketing & leadership.

My co-host was, as always, Stephen O’Donnell and we’d spent many hours since the start of the New Year playing around with tech to find the perfect platform for the shows.   You’ll see we settled on SmileTime which allows four participants to join a LiveChat which is broadcast to Facebook.  Absolutely there are some technical issues but you can’t be ahead of the curve without breaking some eggs (or whatever the expression is).


Regardless of the glitches I hope you’ll be able to enjoy our guests talking about Finding The Recruitment Opportunity when 80% of Today’s Jobs Disappear:

We’ll be back on Tuesday 24th with another live show. If you want to suggest a topic or be a guest just let us know.

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