#RecruiterZone: How to be a Placement Machine in 2017

Yesterday saw the second episode in our LiveChat RecruiterZone series – again getting to grips with some new tech over on Facebook Live.  These hangouts are sponsored by Firefish Software.  Firefish is a sales and marketing recruiting platform which helps recruiters reach, engage and place more candidates.  My co-host was, as always, Stephen O’Donnell and we were joined by Barry Flack (consultant, HR tech advisor, speaker, content writer and faculty lecturer) and Steve Preston (Managing Director, Heat Recruitment Ltd) to talk about what agency and in house recruiters should be doing to ensure 2017 is the Year of the Placement.


Here are some links to a few of the blog articles I mentioned in the LiveChat:

No longer is sourcing the most difficult skill – it’s now about “selling and convincing”. Firstly, you must be able to convince the best-identified prospects to apply. Secondly, convince them to accept an invitation to interview. The third selling area involves convincing hiring managers to accept the proposed candidate slate, while the fourth is to convince the candidate to accept an offer if it is presented. With technology taking over most finding and assessing, selling is the final critical area that no technology will likely replace. http://blog.1-page.com/2017-recruiting-ahead-of-the-curve/

A focus on workplace diversity: As companies are starting to recognize the social and financial benefits of having a diverse workforce, the ability to attract qualified diverse candidates will become a sought after competitive advantage in 2017. 67% of jobseekers use diversity as a key factor when considering job offers. As companies start to recognize the social and financial benefits of workplace diversity as a competitive advantage, I expect we’ll see more recruiting teams use tech-driven strategies to reduce unconscious bias, such as blind hiring, in order to attract diverse candidates in 2017.  https://ideal.com/recruiting-trends/

Referrals – have outperformed all other external sources of hire for over a decade – in fact, ever since Career XRoads first started tracking this critical metric. Companies are increasingly incorporating formalized referral programs and initiatives in order to leverage this low risk, high reward source of hire.  Not only are referrals more likely to get hired, they stay around longer, too: fully 47% of referred candidates last at least four years, compared to a scant 2% of job board candidates. This next year, employers will finally discover it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, that really matters most in recruiting and hiring. http://recruitingdaily.com/5-talent-acquisition-topics-every-recruiter-needs-know-2017-beyond/

We’ll be back on Tuesday 7th February with another live show. If you want to suggest a topic or be a guest just let us know. The best place to find out more is in our Facebook group.

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