#RecruiterZone; Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

This week we hosted our fourth episode in our LiveChat RecruiterZone series.  These hangouts are sponsored by Firefish Software.  Firefish is a sales and marketing recruiting platform which helps recruiters reach, engage and place more candidates.  My co-host was, as always, Stephen O’Donnell and we were joined by Matthew Gallivan to talk about programmatic advertising in recruitment (and the death of job boards!).


These are the topics we talked about:

What is Programmatic Advertising?
How does programmatic advertising work in recruitment?
Why should recruiters care
Do recruiters have to become experts on programmaticing?
What does it mean for job boards?

Here are some of the links we mentioned in the LiveChat and other useful content:


A super accessible beginner’s guide to programmatic buying and RTB (this is what I read before the show so I understood the basics!)

What is Programmatic Job Advertising?

The difference between Programmatic Job Advertising and Programmatic Advertising

Recruiters: Find Top Talent with Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Media: The Future of Recruitment Advertising

We’ll be back on Tuesday 7th March with another live show. If you want to suggest a topic or be a guest just let us know. The best place to find out more is in our Facebook group.

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