3 Steps to Use Instagram to Recruit Top Talent

You may have already considered the ​benefits of utilising social media to drive recruitment​ and attract top talent, as 84% of organisations are using social media to recruit. If so, you are probably putting a social recruitment strategy into action on such platforms as Linkedin, which is perhaps the go-to platform for recruiters as it acts as an online CV.

However, you could be missing a trick by not considering​ Instagram and its potential to attract top talent​, particularly if your business is in the creative industries or you want to attract graduates and millennials. In a ​recent study​, 25.6% of U.S. Instagram users were aged between 25 and 34, and 22.29% were aged 18-24. These numbers represent that there are many young professionals and job seekers active on Instagram, and you could be missing a large talent pool by not being where your candidates are. As part of our What Recruitment Means to Me; 500 words campaign Beth Griffiths of ​ Zest Education, a recruitment agency which specialises in education gives an in-depth guide to getting started with Instagram and how recruiters and hiring managers can truly utilise the platform to attract and find top talent.  It’s got lots of great detail so I’m overlooking that she has slightly (!!) gone over the 500 word limit!

Instagram is an image-based social media platform which allows users to take pictures, edit them, and share them with followers. It has over ​500 million​ monthly active users, and ​75%​ of Instagram users make an action – for you, this action could be applying for a job. This article highlights how you can utilise Instagram’s growing popularity to market your business and recruit the very best talent in 3 simple steps.

1. Brand Your Profile

The first step to using Instagram to recruit is to set up an awesome profile that represents you as a brand. Fill in your bio which acts as a short introduction and sums up your business. Use your unique brand voice and outline what your company does.

You also need a profile image which will most likely be your logo. Make sure it represents your brand and is sized properly so that it isn’t blurry or unclear. Make sure this profile image is the same one that you have used across all of your social channels to keep branding consistent.

You can also use a link in your bio, and this will be the only active link allowed on your profile, so choose wisely. You could link to your company page, but to optimise for recruitment, think about linking to your careers page or the job description.

2. Post Content

Posting content will help you to attract both active and passive candidates by helping you to stand out as a company and catch prospect’s attention. In an online world where our attention spans are lowering and there are more and more distractions, users will be more likely to pay attention to images and visuals.

Posting images and visuals on Instagram allows you to portray company culture and promote brand awareness, both of which are vital to the recruitment process. Company culture is becoming more and more important to job seekers, even more so than money. Likewise, recruiters aim to not only find someone with the skills, but the right personality to fit with the company’s values and culture. Therefore, telling stories through images and providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your company and its values that makes people want to work there is key.

To do this, you could post images of your team at work and what they do day-to-day, or how much fun you have on work outings. You could post images of each team member with bios showcasing their unique story to show how they are valued and make a difference within the company. To reflect your values, you could post inspirational quotes about your philosophy and work ethic, but be sure to maintain your brand voice. Advertise job openings and make them stand out. Think about how you can showcase your unique culture and take your brand closer to the community you’re trying to attract.

To further your efforts, get your employees involved with posting content about your company. They can provide a more personable and unique view on what it’s like to work at your business and provide insight into the culture. Employees can act as great brand advocates and ambassadors to portray the culture, tell their story, highlight your brand, and ultimately, attract candidates who share the same values.

3. Use Hashtags

When posting content, be sure to use hashtags to attract and find prospects. To attract job seekers, use relevant hashtags with your enticing post or job ad. Use hashtags such as #nowhiring along with the niche job title such as #marketingjob, and those looking for a role will be able to find you.

You can also use hashtags to find talent by using the discover search bar. You could try using the hashtag #hireme, as is used by those searching for a job. Alternatively, search for your specific role such as #marketingjobs or #contentmarketer to find people in your niche. You can then engage with the community and reach out to top talent to offer them an interview.

Give Instagram a go to strengthen your social media recruitment strategy. Create a well-branded profile, post content that portrays your company culture and promotes your brand, and use hashtags to identify and engage with top talent. Instagram could help you to find your next new hire, so utilise visual content and its popularity to increase your chance of finding your ideal candidate today.

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