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This week we hosted our sixth episode in our LiveChat RecruiterZone series.  These hangouts are sponsored by Firefish Software.  Firefish is a sales and marketing recruiting platform which helps recruiters reach, engage and place more candidates.  My co-host was, as always, Stephen O’Donnell and we were joined by Paul Dewick of  Boomerang Funding and Nick Sprang of CNA International Executive Search to talk about how canvassing out candidates can increase revenue and generate new clients.

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These are the topics we talked about:

Do you need a business partner?
How to create a plan
How much cash do you need?
What do you actually NEED to do before hitting the phone
Yes the company name is key
Do you have what it takes to start a successful recruitment business?
The most difficult part of starting up

If you are looking for more help you might find our Recruitment Start Up Centre a handy resource.  We’d also recommend this article from Angela Cripps on How easy is it to move from Senior Consultant to MD?

We should be back on April 25th – details to follow.  If you want to suggest a topic or be a guest just let us know. The best place to find out more is in our Facebook group.

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