#RecruiterZone – Recruiters – Don’t Let a Robot Steal your Job


This week in our LiveChat RecruiterZone series we followed on from last week’s session where we were talking tech (that one was ahead of our Technology and Social Media Innovation event on 7th June).   My co-host was, as always, Stephen O’Donnell and we were joined by Katrina Collier (Social Recruiting Specialist |and Founder & Director at The Searchologist) and Mark Lundgren (Technical Recruiter for Anaplan) to talk about how we shouldn’t be trying to automate the hell out of the recruitment process!  These hangouts are sponsored by Firefish Software.  Firefish is a sales and marketing recruiting platform which helps recruiters reach, engage and place more candidates.

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We talked about some of the things you could automate (calendar invites for candidate interviewed was a popular one) and some things you shouldn’t (speaking to candidates).  One of our regular side bar guests, Steve Ward, rather nicely summed up the need to use human interaction alongside automation in order to engage with job seekers;  “In every 1000 candidates, you need about 10 different forms of approach. We can’t exclude any method that has some impact.”

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