3 Things Recruiters MUST Do Every Day

…to be successful!

I recently asked on Facebook and LinkedIn “What 3 things should recruiters do every day?”

I had a few dozen responses and I’m pleased to say, for the purposes of blogging about them, that they followed three main themes


To the real needs of the candidates and business(es) that you are working with.

They say “two ears and one mouth” for a reason.

Ask the right questions and listen carefully.

Truly understand the candidate and client/hiring manager needs before acting on them.



Do what you say you are going to do when you said you’d do it.

Pick up the Phone!

Give Feedback to candidates – ensure optimum candidate experience

Follow up on everything you promise.

Meet people face to face.


Stay curious, always be learning, read the news about your own company, your competitors; understand the bigger picture.

Network both within your client/candidate base and outside your space.

Be a partner not a supplier.


I’m sorry to say I’ve not shared a silver bullet and I bet I’m not telling you anything you don’t know.  However, I suspect that if you take just five minutes to think about these three tips you’ll realise that you DON’T truly do all of these things every single day…  … well not unless you are already exceptionally successful 🙂


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