Calling with Confidence

Stereotypically recruiters have the gift of the gab; so why are so many of them phone adverse?   Zoho, who offer beautifully smart recruitment software to help you grow your business, share tips on how get that phone confidence back.  We’ll have more great content from them over the coming months.

 If you are a recruiter with over 15 years experience then think back to when agency offices were a hive of activity; are you and your colleagues on the phone as frequently as you should be?

More and more recruiters are relying on emails, INMails and texts to communicate with clients and candidates when the better option would be a call.

One of the main reasons is simple fear of failure.  The less you make successful sales calls the more you fear them.  More tips later but this is a nice article, that whilst not recruitment specific, suggests 5 Things That Will Make You Love Cold Calling.

Fear of failure isn’t just confirmed to sales calls – it can also strike when sourcing candidates; it’s much much easier to send out two dozen emails to LinkedIn “candidates” than pick up the phone to them – but we all know you can’t get a feel for a candidate or prospect by email!

Another reason recruiters start to avoid the phone is down to culture – if no one in your office is on the phone before 10am then it’s very easy to procrastinate with them and do your admin, shuffle CVs; anything other than pick up the phone.   

Finally, eventually you can persuade yourself that what you are doing, avoiding the phone, actually makes sense.  Believing that clients will respect you for “not bothering” them and emailing instead, thinking that candidates would much rather you texted them to set up that interview, starting to consider that actually making a phone call would appear be a nuisance.  

In order to be a successful recruiter though you need to ditch that mindset and start calling with confidence.  Here are a few ideas which can give you the structure to make this happen: 

1.       Determine your “core calling” hours for business development, candidate engagement and account/assignment management.  Put those hours in your diary every day.

2.       Plan your calls for the next day before you go home.  You can always add more in as the day progresses.

3.       For business development work to some basic KPIs.  If you want to speak with 10 prospects each day you’ll need to make up to 50 calls.

4.       If you are struggling to get started why not try using scripts – not just for business development but also for candidate engagement calls.  As long as you don’t sound like you are reading from them they can really work

5.       Don’t hesitate.  Once you’ve started calling don’t allow yourself to be distracted into making a cup of coffee, checking in with colleagues, etc

6.       On that note – turn off all other tech.  You don’t need to be looking at Facebook, your emails, or how many likes your Instagram post got during business development time.

7.       Where possible make phone time a whole company activity.  It’s amazing how motivational a busy office of pumped up consultants can be.  Bring back the bell if it works for your team. 

Essentially making phone calls is a habit that it’s all to easy to get out of.  Once you have a plan of action and start to see results you’ll be Calling with Confidence in no time!

More from Zoho next month!

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