How To Grow Your Recruitment Business

Did you know there are only four ways to grow a business?   Zoho, who offer beautifully smart recruitment software to help you grow your business, suggest that many business owners, not just recruitment business owners, only focus on one or two of these but in order to grow your recruitment business and make money money these are the four things you need to focus on.  We’ll have more great content from them over the coming months.

How To Grow Your Recruitment Business

1. Get more clients of the type you want
2. Increase the number of times clients come back
3. Increase the average value of each sale you make
4. Increase the effectiveness of each process in your business

1. Get more clients of the type you want

Take a step back here and ensure you really know what type of clients you want.  Understand your niche and where you recruitment skills lie.   To get more clients of the type you want here are some areas you’ll need to work on:

a) Research your market. In order to sell the benefits of working with you you’ll need to understand their pain points.
b) Become a visible expert.  Create a strong brand online and at physical industry events.
c) Determine your USPs (unique selling points) and article them succinctly in all your messaging and conversations.
d) Ensure your online prescene showcases all the above.
e) Market yourself to your niche client audience using every tool available including video, social media, printed media even.
f) Create a pipeline of activity and don’t give up.
g) track your activity and successes so you know what’s worked and can replicate it.

2. Increase the number of times clients come back

Probably all business owners have heard that it can cost many times more to win a new customer than to have an existing customer come back and buy again from you. It’s exactly the same in recruitment.  Don’t assume that clients, even ones who were delighted with your services, will automatically return.  here are some tips to encourage repeat business.

a) Delight every client.  Ensure they get the best service from you and all points of contact in your business
b) Make them feel loved – but don’t hassle them.  Building a mutually beneficial business relationship with them, outside of fee paying services, will bring rewards. Make the contact relevant and keep the amount of contact appropriate – consider newsletters, salary surveys, industry insight, etc to add value and keep yourself front of mind.
c) Keep records – use your CRM to record all transactions and feedback from clients. Don’t be afraid to use the CRM to automate to a certain degree too.

3. Increase the average value of each sale you make

This can feel really tricky in recruitment, where fees are so visible and often challenged.  However, it’s not just about what your fee percentage it.

a) Become their recruiter of choice for higher salaried roles.  You don’t even need to change your fee percentage to benefit from this.
b) Consider different billing models; maybe offer a screening only service as an add on to help clients with lower level roles.
c) Investigate partnerships with third parties to offer add-ons such as psychometric assessment.

4. Increase the effectiveness of each process in your business

No matter how hard you work to get new clients if your engagement process is weak you’ll lose some.  No matter how much effort you put into keeping clients warm, you’ll never get full fees if your recruiters can’t use the technology correctly.

a) Breakdown every activity in your business and create a template for the ideal completion of them.
b) Work with your star performers around best practice – don’t assume you personally hold all the knowledge
c) Implement an ongoing training and coaching system to keep these processes on track
d) Encourage everyone in the business to question processes and keep up to date with technology and techniques that could improve them.

More clients, more business from those clients at higher fees and more time in which to deliver it; the perfect recipe to business growth success!

More from Zoho next month!

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