Temporary is a Good Place to Start

If you’re starting Your Own Recruitment Agency Providing Temporary Staff Could Be a Good Place To Start.

Really? Isn’t that a sure fire way to make my start up a temporary affair?

 Far from it.

Temporary agencies tend to have a permanent future – if you see what we mean.
You’re saying that Temp Agencies not only work but work well for start-ups.Exactly! For starters, 2014/15 figures showed that agency turnover from temporary and contract business increased by 9.5% to £28.5bn. So it’s a sector with room for more players. There’s space for your startup. There’s potential!

How many ‘players’ are there now?

Round figures, 10,000 recruitment agencies in the UK work with temporary staff.

That’s a lot! Yes. But look at the size of the market. And anyway that number of agencies rather proves that it’s a valuable sector doesn’t it?

Looked at like that. Yes.

Good. Let’s look at it like that then! And then you’ll see that this is a great entry point.

But, to steal your point, how do I know that the ‘temporary’ market isn’t, well, temporary?

Firstly, the growth is real. The number of workers employed on temporary contracts is at a record high – and shows no signs of slowing down. Secondly, it’s where society is going. There is a fundamental shift towards different ways of working. It’s about lifestyle.

That sounds good. But I’m going to need some reassurance here. It’s not an easy thing to say, but …..

You’re worried about various issues like exploitation of workers and all the negativity around ‘zero hours contracts’ and such aren’t you?

Frankly, yes.

Good. Because rest assured that’s not what this is about. What it is about is starting your own recruitment business, and recognising the potential of the temporary recruitment market as a really exciting route for a new agency.

You’ve convinced me. Sorted then.

Not quite. There’s a lot to consider. For a start, there are all the issues any start up recruitment business faces. Funding, premises, branding, website, computers……

..there’s more?

Yes. As exciting as it is the temporary market will be challenging for you, especially at the outset. Cash flow is a big one. You won’t always be paid by your clients before you have to pay the workers. It can stretch your bank balance.
Your admin and systems have to be of the highest quality. Placing a permanent candidate needs a lot of attention; in the temp market it’s just as demanding, and moves even quicker.
You’ll have compliance issues to sort, and you’ll need to brief candidates on them. That means lots of candidate contact, and the need to make sure you’re up to speed yourself.
Oh, and when we said systems we meant of course software. The latest, fully compliant, back office support is an essential.

See, now you’ve spoiled it.
Not at all. If you’re serious about it then there is help out there, many companies, specialists in the recruitment industry offer entrepreneurial recruiters a complete back office support service to help them start up a recruitment businesses.  What’s more some even go that one step further and will provide you with funding you need to get you off the ground.

What more could you ask for at this stage, if you have the entrepreneurial drive to go it alone

And you think a temp agency is a way for me?

Temporary agencies work well as recruitment start-ups. There is a massive growth in temporary work. Employers and candidates both see advantages in it. Workers want more flexibility, businesses want better cash flow and a workforce that can be adapted to meet changing demands, as they also react to differing customer demands.

The Recruit Venture Group provides the perfect opportunity for experienced recruiters to launch their own recruitment business whilst retaining their lifestyle and financial security.

Fully-funded from the outset with access to a complete back-office support service covering everything from Payroll, Credit Control, IT, HR, Marketing and Compliance, everything is put in place from the start and there is no personal financial outlay.

To find out more about their start-up business solution, visit www.recruitventures.com

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