Five Questions to Determine whether you’ve Outgrown your Server Package

Getting the right web hosting package has become an increasingly important business decision that modern companies have to make. It’s the online equivalent of finding a premises for your business – without the right host your website could be housed in an ill-fitting home.

But, this is a decision many people often take right at the start of their business journey – or one they might have made some time ago. It’s important to recognise that business priorities and technology do change and that both of these factors might well cause you to revisit your decision. Just as businesses might outgrow a small shop or decide to switch to a fancy new office block the other side of town, firms might need to alter their online package and make the move to a different server arrangement.

How do you know when it’s time to make the move? Ask yourself the following five questions:

Are you worried about security?

Cyber crime is something that all businesses need to be aware of. From phishing scams through to malware and ransomware, the threat to your security online is real and must be considered. You need to have confidence that your hosting provider has a robust level of security, offering apps, plugins, updates and extra layers of security such as two-factor authentication. If that’s not forthcoming – and you fear you’re prone to a cyber attack – it’s time to look elsewhere.

Can you use all of the tools and software that you need?

Every business is on the lookout for the next tool or piece of software they can deploy to give them the edge on their rivals. Yet if you’re trying to move to a new content management system, for example, that isn’t supported by your server then this is a good sign that this is holding you back and that it’s time to move on.

Is speed and performance a regular issue for your site?

Internet down time is dead time for your business – it’s the equivalent of shutting up shop for your customers – and needs to be avoided. If you’re finding that your site if often down or, almost as bad, is extremely slow to load for visitors then you might well have outgrown your server.

Do you get the customer support that you need?

If any of the above have been issues, how quickly have you been able to access support from your hosting provider? How good has the support been when it has materialised? Often you can judge a good server package on the basis of the customer support it comes with, as much as the specifications and performance data.

Are you about to embark on a period of growth?

If your business is about to grow, you need to have the capacity online to be able to match that growth. You might well have been fine with a modest shared server package when you first started out, but if you’re about to expand or launch a new product or service, say, then it might well be time to switch to a dedicated server so that you can benefit from a greater level of performance.

Ask these questions – and re-visit them on a regular basis – to ensure that you are tapping into the right level of performance from your server package.

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