GDPR; The Opportunity For Recruiters < cutting through the BS

This week I had an excellent RecruiterZone Live Show when I was joined by Lisa Jones of Barclay Jones.  Lisa joined me to talk GDPR and why you should stop worrying about the (20 million Euro) fines and instead look at the opportunities.   During the show we talked about the main “features” of GDPR but concentrated on how recruiter can view GDPR as an opportunity to build stronger and better relationships with candidates and clients.  You can watch the show here:

If you want to be sure you know the basics check out this post I wrote;  9 Top Facts for Recruiters on GDPR.   Lisa has a ton of information on her site and running sessinos for clients.  In addtion you might be interested in the Action GDPR for Recruiters workshop running in January.powered by crowdcast

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