The Impact of GDPR on Job Board Professionals

Today we did a RecruiterZone Live Show for Jobg8 all about the impact of GDPR on job board professionals.  I was very lucky to be joined by Sally Annereau and Stephanie Creed of Taylor Wessing. During the hour long show we tackled a lot of questions (see below the image for them) from the large audience. You can watch the show here:

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Questions included:

  • What would be the way to prove that our jobboard is compliant with GDPR?
  • What is the duration that a job board should store a candidate’s details?
  • Do we need a data protection officer?
  • When we advertise the job for the clients, do we always have to display client name on our advertising?
  • When the candidates submit their CVs, will they have to know where their CVs is going?
  • Is it OK to make consent to GDPR regulations a precondition for using our job-board service?
  • If a candidate goes to a job board and requests to be forgotten, will the job board need to contact all of the companies that have downloaded the candidate’s information and make them aware?
  • If candidate requests to delete their data, how can we maintain a record after the deletion? Because we need at least their email id and deleted time in our records for legal purpose. Is not that a paradox?
  • Regarding right to delete, Is it necessary to have the option in the website itself, or we can grant those request only if candidates email us
  • We own a number of job boards, each job board job alerting the the candidates opt-in to the job-alerting services, do we need to make candidates aware of each job board names?
  • Will there be a transitional period to align our Job board system to the GDPR requirements.
  • How and who will check that our systems are compliant with GDPR?
  • What steps should a job board take to comply with GDPR if they open up access to their CV database for employers? Will it necessitate having some form of data sharing agreement that both the job board and employer wanting to access the CV database agree to?
  • We using third party email provider to send emails to candidates and clients, do we need to address this in someway?
  • Do we need to update our cookies policy, can we use cookies for re-marketing with GDPR?
  • Are job boards obliged to tell candidates of every client that viewed their CV, and instance of it being downloaded?
  • How does the GDPR affect the sharing/selling of candidate data to 3rd party companies?


If you want to know more check out the Taylor Wessing Global Data Hub with lots of Data Protection Updates < it’s an absolute goldmine of information.

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