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blogoftheyearThis is our eight year of running our “UK Recruitment Blog of the Year” awards and this year we are sponsored by TempBuddy.  Last year we had loads of nominations and some really excellent finalists’ blogs. Now, as the awards are launched, is the time when you can take part and nominate a fabulous recruitment blog that you read.

All recruitment blogs and bloggers are welcome, including inhouse, agency, one man bands, bloggers writing for their organisation, and bloggers just writing for the sake of their sanity…. The categories are:

Recruitment Agency Blog

This award recognises a diverse range of content from many individuals within a recruitment consultancy which has been brought together in a cohesive blog used to establish relationships with clients as well as jobseekers.

Individual Agency Recruiter Blogger

Recruiters, either from one man bands or within larger agencies, sharing their everyday experiences with their clients and candidates will make up this category.

Recruitment Department/In-house Recruiter Blogger

Brilliant businesses use all methods to engage with potential talent. This is a real change to see who is leading the pack within the realms of blogging. We are looking to see a successful mix posts from a variety of individuals to help attract and potentially onboard jobseekers.  It’s this category which sees the highest percentage of “anonymous” blogs by individuals, recognising the challenges of “towing the corporate line” versus the honesty required in a quality blogger.

Recruitment Industry Supplier Blog

This is where the awards started, before individual agencies or recruiters were blogging all there was were blogs from recruitment technology experts sharing their knowledge. This category is the most difficult to judge with a vast range of possible entrants.


Nominations will close on Friday 5th December.  There is no need to nominate or ‘vote’ for a site more than once.  All blogs which meet the criteria for nomination (see below) will be considered.

Then it’s to the judging and we plan to publish details of the winning blogs late December or early January (nothing like being flexible!). So please nominate now! PS, if you want to know who won last year check out my 2013 awards blog post.

The criteria for nominations are:

i) the blogger has to fit into one of the categories above.
ii) the blogger has to have posted something on their blog in the past month.
ii) The blog has been around for at least six months.
iii) The blog author/s has to be UK based.


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