GDPR – Why it’s Not Just About Covering Your Arse

We’ve had many articles in the newsletter about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and we’ve done a couple of LiveShows.  But this week I posted this on LinkedIn..

Some people are saying if they hear one more thing about GDPR they’ll boil their own eyes where as many recruiters honestly seem to be burying their heads in the sand. So my dilemma? Do we make our upcoming Live Show (it’s interactive so you can ask questions as we go along) our last mention of the topic or keep at it right trough to next spring?

I’ve had a ton of feedback, private messages and even phone calls about this.  Seems it’s still top of many people’s agendas.  If it’s important to you too then do ensure you join me and Lisa Jones on 6th December when we cut through the GDPR BS and consider the actual opportunity for recruiters in the new legislation.

Ahead of the show if you want to ensure you know the basics check out 9 Top Facts for Recruiters on GDPR.  Also, Lisa’s sent me a few thoughts ahead of the show:

So – seriously recruiters! … do a trawl of the web for GDPR because you want to “gen-up”, protect your candidate pipeline, marketing strategies and sanity!

Lots to read about GDPR, webinars on GDPR, doom, gloom, admin, ops, restrictions, tears!
None of it positive – all of it pretty dull! Even the term GDPR “General Data Protection Regulations” instil me with… well, nothing!

I’m a passionate creature who tries to see the good in everything – and even without caffeine my team and clients will testify to me being a happy puppy about most things. Even GDPR – yes, I see it as a great opportunity – a positive chance to get recruiters recruiting again, and not just placing and invoicing.

But the web is littered with really boring / snoring (not rip-roaring) content on GDPR for recruiters – so we got our heads together, and came up with some acronyms which may lighten your “GDPR” load and get you in the mood for the show

GDPR – What does it really mean?

  • Geothermal Damage by Plundering Recruiters
    • Giant Dingo with Paws Raised
    • Golden Dangling Protracted Radishes
    • Grinding Down Perfect Resourcers
    • Global Desire to Place Randomly

I came up with a couple that were a little too pornographic to add to this blog (and from an SEO perspective would have attracted the wrong hits to our website!)

GDPR! What a God Damn Protection Racket

Don’t forget to register for the show (or listen to it on replay if you are reading this after the 6th December!)

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