Gig Economy

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Your “ gig” is starting your own recruitment company so it’s worth thinking about the gig economy

The ‘gig economy’ is on the rise, and you need to be aware of its potential.

Starting your own recruitment business means tapping in to every possible source of revenue, and delivering as complete a service as possible. You’ll have your own areas of expertise and specialism, which will be vital, but widening the net will be equally essential.

The ‘gig economy’ is an area that any recruiter needs to be looking at right now. It’s growing worldwide, and it’s changing. Initially perhaps associated with low paid, non- professional roles and people it’s rapidly developing into a mind-set for a flexible way of working. And it’s embracing professionals too. Now, it’s about highly skilled people who want to work in freelance environment, rather than inside the corporate structure.

The way to the market is changing

Inevitably, the need to match the right people to the right ‘gig based’ role has driven developments in the media. A significant number of online platforms have emerged to service the gig economy. And of course recruitment consultants need to be aware of the media choices available to them to identify opportunities.

The market itself is changing

This increase in the numbers of people actively looking for short term work, and its attractiveness to employers who can ‘hire when necessary’ is having an effect on the recruitment market. There’s every reason to believe that the gig economy is impacting on available skills as people increase their experience by moving from contract to contract. Also, a freelancer can bring an informed, but external and objective view to an employer’s problem.

These are positives however that the sensible recruitment business will build upon, maximising the potential of the gig economy.

Seizing that potential as a start up.

The fact that the gig economy is rapidly developing is part of the challenge. New media, with whom you will need new contracts and credit arrangements, new rules and legislation, especially where the freelance world overlaps with the temporary and part time world, and of course the likely cash flow implications of placing non-permanent candidates – all of these need constant attention and expert knowledge. And they are two commodities that you may not have in large abundance when you’re starting up your own recruitment business.

Fear not as there are many solutions out there in the market place who offer recruiters support to help with the back office support function of a new start up business, especially advice on new rules and regulations and ways to adapt your business to match the needs of potential candidates, some businesses out there will even provide the funding to get you on your way if your still considering the idea.

Do your research first and never be afraid to ask for help, it’s not easy keeping up to date with industry changes especially when you’re on your own and time is limited, so seek help from those who understand your industry, those who can advise and guide you and help develop your journey as a startup recruitment business.

You need not feel alone in going it alone and with the gig economy providing real opportunities, ones you really need to seize, think of it now as being your own gig – your OWN start up recruitment businesses.

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