The Power of Illusion: 6 Tips for Growing Your Recruitment Business

Recruitment agencies are a pivotal tool for businesses of all sizes. They provide a solid foundation and resource for finding some of the industry’s best talent. With effective screening methods in place, a recruitment agency helps business owners to find candidates that are suitable for the job reducing their hiring costs, saving them time, and minimizing the potential for turnovers.

If you’re looking to grow your recruitment business, you’ll need to appeal to bigger corporations and cover a lot more ground. Below are a few ways to make your recruitment business look bigger – attracting bigger audiences.

Consider Incorporation or LLC

If you’ve been working as a sole proprietor at the moment you may want to consider changing your business entity type. By simply adding incorporated or limited liability corporation to the end of the company name can make your business appear a lot bigger than it is, and impress those that otherwise may have been skeptical of doing business with a “one-man show.”

Professional Web Design

Though free website templates can be a great way to get your recruitment agency off the ground, if you’re thinking of expanding into greener pastures, you need to keep up with the competition. Investing in professional web design services ensures that you have a website that is unique to your brand. It says that you care enough about your brand to invest in it, and gives your company a more professional first impression.

Local Numbers

Whether you’re trying to find new talent or looking for new clients to work with, location can make a big difference. Rather than having a number with an area code in your state, you might consider purchasing a number with an area code near where you’re trying to get new business. Think about it, a job seeker or business in the UK would rather contact a recruitment agency with a 0151 number than a US zip code.

Physical Address

Though you may run your recruitment business online, having a physical address gives the impression that you run a major agency. Virtual mailboxes and offices are one way to handle this. While you don’t have to physically be there to run business, your clients and job seekers have a physical location to send correspondence to which can improve their chances of reaching out to you as opposed to someone with nothing more than an email address.

Hire an Assistant

Owners of big recruitment agencies don’t have the time to sort, route, and answer phone calls. They’re supposed to be busy bringing in new business. With that in mind, if you’re the first person to answer the phone when a client or job seeker calls, they may be reluctant to believe you’re equipped to handle big business. Hiring an assistant creates the illusion that you have a team of staff ready to help you provide the best services. If you can’t afford to hire an assistant full time, outsourcing to a virtual assistant part time would suffice.

Boost Social Media Following

Social media is huge for businesses of all sizes and industries. If you have a social media page, but don’t have much of a following yet, this could give off the wrong impression to potential clients and job seekers. You’ll need to invest in marketing efforts to boost your social media following. Ask friends and others in your network to like and share your pages, post more informative posts, engage the audience, and ask for likes, referrals, and reviews to improve your social media presence. Clients are a lot more willing to work with someone who has 10,000 followers than someone who only has 100.

There are a lot of ways to grow your recruitment business; however, one of the best tricks in the book is to give job seekers and clients the impression that you’re big and doing well in your profession. Remember, the idea is to make them feel safe in doing business with you. While they might be skeptical of working with an entrepreneur just starting off, a small business that appears to have all the resources listed above is certainly worth giving a shot.  Each of the above-mentioned tips will help you look larger allowing you to cover more ground and grow your business from the ground up.


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